Idea roll

I get many (mostly stupid) ideas I wish i had the time to pursue. Ideas I like but find unlikely to pursue are listed here.

Please let me know if there’s any idea you find particularly interesting so I can gauge interest, or even better, pursue the idea yourself!

  • Apple news isn’t great, neither is Blendle. Who wants to click a link on twitter, face a paywall, then open up their news aggregator app and find the article there? The right solution is more like a subscription-based browser extension that removes paywalls from the websites the subscription covers.
  • Pocket (maybe for your backpack) co2 monitor that sends alert to your phone if co2 levels reach point of decreased intelligence.
    • Update: I’m now building this! Apparently you can buy lose carbon monitors on amazon for like no money, so I bought one and will connect it to a raspberry pi-4. I am in the process of programming the module that connects the pi to my phone to send discrete co2 notifications.
    • First prototype is working, but much too big! Next prototype should bring the size down to a matchbox that can be clipped to a backpack.
  • Calibration games are something I’d ideally like to spend more time on as I’m embarrassingly bad at predictions. A calibration game controlled by your voice to be played while driving, seems like a good way to fit it into your schedule, provided it doesn’t significantly increase your chance of a traffic accident.
    • Turns out metaculus is really fun, the app should probably be built on top of this.
    • Turns out pure audio is a terrible user interface, I’ll stick to audiobooks.
  • Article/book reader app using google’s groundbreaking text-to-speech module. My current best option is pocket, and it’s frankly not good.
    • Update: I got too annoyed and built one myself. If there’s demand I can port it to ios with relative ease as it was built using Flutter.