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(written february 2019)

What is your opinion on the election in Senegal?

What about the 126 billion dollar investment made by the Indian government to upgrade the nations railways by 2020?

I didn’t know Senegal was a country until earlier today, much less its location, GDP, and other basic facts. Its election is fascinating. The election committee decided last minute to postpone the election day for a week buying (allegedly) much needed time to set up the needed infrastructure to support a voter turnout of more than half the population. The current president, running for reelection has announced he will lead an investigation of the committee. There is so much new information here to evaluate and learn from.

Fortunately, I did know about India prior to hearing this, after all, I’m only moderately stupid! It is a pretty big country. Is a 126 billion dollar investment a big deal in the scope of the Indian economy? It could be anything in between smudge in the budget to half the government’s yearly budget for all I know. At this moment if you’re thinking “this guy is really ignorant” you’d be right, I’m really ignorant regarding most issues outside of the west.

Worse yet, I was not aware just how ignorant I was. There is so much happening in the world, and most of it I’m not aware of. China Global Television Network primarily focuses its coverage on Asia and Africa. It’s crazy that 72 percent of the world’s population until recently made up a negligible part of my newsfeed.

CGTN is not without flaws. It is at the very least subject to a good deal soft censorship. Still the quality of reporting is much better than most western news I encounter. I’m uncertain whether this is because the quality is actually higher, or just because I’m less familiar with the topics and don’t pick up on the bias.

Overall, I’m very happy with having replaced 20 minutes of netflix during lunch, with news that significantly broaden my horizon.

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