The best gift

My mother once told me, “The best gift is to give a gift”

For a friends birthday I gave the best gift. All of the things needed to give a gift.

  • Wrapping paper
  • Gift cards
  • Colored rope for wrapping
  • decorations to put on the wrapped present

If the best gift is to give a gift, the best give to receive must be the gift you can give. This raises an issue.

If the best gift to receive is the gift you can give then the best gift to give must be the gift of giving the gift you can give. In other words, I should have wrapped the gift an extra time.

Taken to its logical conclusion the best gift is all of the things needed to give a gift wrapped infinite times. But each layer requires more wrapping paper than the last resulting in a big gift that’s infinitely big.

And that’s not very practical. Fortunately there’s a simple solution. For each layer of wrapping use a new type of wrapping paper half as thick as the previous layer. Unfortunately the store near me did not have such paper.

A solution to circumvent this is to give not one, but two gifts!

The first gift is just my original gift. That is, all of the ingredients needed to give a gift. The second gift is wrapping paper as well as enough money to cover the labor costs of wrapping the first gift. This works as long as the recipients are able to recursively pay the wrapping and labor costs.

In other news, I recently purchased a gift wrapping store.

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